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pragmatic_chimp's Journal

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Hero of the Lost Cause
2 October 1984
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Now this terror and darkness of the mind must surely be scattered,
Not by rays of the sun, nor by gleaming arrows of daylight,
But by the outward display and the unseen workings of Nature.
And her first rule for us from this premiss shall take its beginning;
"Never did the will of gods bring anything forth out of nothing."
For, in goes sooth, it is thus that fear restraineth all mortals,
Since both in earth and sky they see that many things happen
Whereof they cannot by any known law determine the causes;
So their occurrence they ascribe to supernatural power.
Therefore, when we have seen that naught can be made out of nothing,
Afterwards we shall more rightly discent the thing which we search for -
Both out of what it is that everything can be created,
And in what way all came, without help of gods, into being.

- On the Nature of Things, Lucretius (99 BC - 55 BC)

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